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Empower EAAs

Empower EAAs are a blend of Essential Amino Acids, finely balanced to enhance recovery, nutrient absorbtion and lean muscle growth.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein, Essential Amino Acids cannot be created by the body, they must be supplied by your diet.

Empower EAAs deliver a massive 10g of amino acids, 7g of which are BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) and an additional 3g of EAAs.

The electrolyte blend is included to help with muscle function, hydration and repair.

Astragin® supports increased absorption of a number of nutrients including amino acids.

Empower EAAs are available in Pineapple or Berry flavour. Each tub contains 30 Servings.

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Berry, Pineapple

6 reviews for Essential Amino Acids Supplement

  1. Joel

    I bought the pineapple flavour and the taste is absolutely amazing!

    Very easy to mix and you can feel it enhance your workouts or boost your overall wellbeing as you consume this throughout the day.

    I will be ordering again. It’s definitely one of the best EAAs on the market.

  2. Jerry

    after Trying a few different amino acid supplements I was amazed how good these taste. I’ve tried both flavours now and it’s hard to pick a favourite.

    They have a really high amino acid content too

  3. Chris

    Great tasting amino acids, there’s definitely an advantage to using EAA over BCAA!
    Id say this is my favourite tasting intra workout supplement.

  4. Ryan

    By far some of the best EAA’s I’ve ever purchased. Taste is a 10/10 and can definitely notice a difference when using these!

    100% will buy again.

  5. Ceej

    Will definitely be buying these again . I ordered Berry flavour EAAS , the flavour is spot on no bitter after taste which makes it more favourable . Well done Empowernutritionuk 10/10 for me . Pineapple flavour next time

  6. Chris

    Definitely my favourite amino acid product.

    First of all Both flavours are great, but there’s no aftertaste.

    The amino acid balance is just right and the Astragin helps you absorb more of it!

    The electrolyte blend has definitely helped me cope through the recent heatwave, I wouldn’t be without it now!

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